“Accept each other” – channelled spiritual message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

Kay channelled this message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy mid 2010. It is included in our book Earth Messages of The Love Energy.

Accept each other

Allow your spiritual development to unfold through all your experiences. When you admire or wonder at the landscape of the world you live in – you are seeing God at work. There is no judgement on your part – just acceptance of what there is – the beauty, the power, the serenity, the strength, the warmth and much, much more.

When you accept that everyone you come in contact with is of God you will accept their differences, see their inner beauty, and see God at work. This is proving for many to be one of the most difficult of tasks.

We ask you to please remember that all on Earth have the God Force energy pulsating through them, and that incarnates want to fulfil their journey.

Each journey although different, needs to be expressed in love and with love and through this practise you will find the ability to accept each other.


Love and Light
Peter and Kay

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The word “Courage” – channelled spiritual message

One of the spiritual development exercises that we sometimes do at our weekly meditation group is to each randomly take a card from a special deck of small cards. Each card contains just one word printed on it. Then in turn we try to bring through (or channel) a small message related to that word with the help of our spirit guides.

This message was brought through by Dianne, a member of our meditation group a few weeks ago. Her word was courage.


Many of you are born with this word (courage) imprinted on your soul.  You are not aware of it, but you need courage to see the things, and to face things that are ahead of you so you can teach those that are around you. Courage is something that you are born with and the reason is to make you strong and keep you strong.

It is a gift. It is not your right but it is a gift to be cherished and shared.  It comes alongside trust and love, because without courage you cannot accept all those other gifts.  It is like love without love, there is nothing.


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