Spiritual Poetry

We would like to share with you some examples of spiritual poetry that Kay has been inspired to write. Sometimes Kay wakes up in the morning with the first line of a poem in her mind. When she writes down the first line the rest just flows onto the paper. As Kay has never written any sort of verse before she believes this writing is being channelled from her spirit guides.


When eyes see beauty,
And ears hear laughter,
When the senses are awakened to the day’s fresh fragrances,
When mouths speak only kind and guiding words,
When arms embrace,
When hands help,
When fingers no longer point,
When legs march only for peace,
When feet dance in joy,
When minds unite to create good,
And there is respect for all,
Then the heart and soul will sing with love.

The Real World Plan

Love is the real world plan – all else is an illusion
Love will not make you live in fear
Love will not take away your freedom
Be guided by and express the love that you are
Be part of the real world plan.

The Angels Call

The angels are calling me early this morning
It is just after four
And nowhere near my time of dawning
Yet to me the angels seem to be calling.
As I arise I hear them say…
There are multiplicious options available each day
Stay focused, deviate not, don’t let the past
Or others, lead you astray
Keep transitioning, from what you are not
To what you are, each and every day.
Accumulate and nurture the riches of love
And only this display
For all else is illusionary
And not relevant to the game of life in play
Love is the constant and yet the evolving essence
Of the human state
Please remember this – everyday.

Angels of The Light

The Angels of the Light,
Give to you a star, so bright,
To illuminate your darkest night,
And watch over your special life.

The Angels of the Light,
Send you healing beams of Light,
To ensure you’re fit and right,
So you will soar to great heights.

The Angels of the Light,
Walk with you day and night,
To enhance your life with love and Light,
So you will know you are Light.

The Angels of the Light,
Proclaim in melodies of delight,
You are beings of Divine Light,
And are free to BE by Divine right.

I am the spirit within

When you look in a mirror, the reflection you see, is not really me,
It is merely the human form you see,
I am the spirit within, the essence of thee,
Please find and treasure me.

When you find me I can help you be all that you can be,
I am love, I am perfect and whole, for I am Divine you see,
And that is how you too can be,
When you find and treasure me.

I have been with you for all time and when you acknowledge me,
You will know your purpose and at one be,
United we’ll shine and reflect the source Divine,
So when you look in the mirror of life you will see me.

These verses are from Kay’s book ‘Poems for You’. This book is available in print and ebook versions from:

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