“Play your part” – channelled spiritual message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

Kay channelled this message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy mid 2010. It is included in our book Earth Messages of The Love Energy.

Play your part

Much is happening and will continue. It is all to do with the Earth’s vibration. It needs help. Earth needs assistance from every member of the human race.

Please play your part – lift the vibrations by doing everything from the heart. The heart and love are the key to the changes that need to be made.

Our message seems desperate because we see so many sad events on Earth and it only needs the love, the action of love, to change the balance.

Help us change the balance. Negativity needs to be released and positivity reign in every being. Let the soul show forth.


Love and Light
Peter and Kay

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“Place no restrictions on yourself” – channelled spiritual message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

Kay channelled this message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy in April 2011.

Place no restrictions on yourself

We urge all to place no restrictions or limitations on their journey in life.

Embrace the freedom of the times you live.

Allow yourselves to unfold and expand.

Accept that whatever your journey in life presents unto you:

it is worthwhile,

it is meant to be,

it is what you asked for and agreed to,

it is part of your blueprint,

it is possible to meet anything you see as a challenge.

What is impossible to the mind is possible to the spirit.

There are no limitations so do not allow the mind to limit your experience in life.

Be in the freedom of your time and be the divine being that you are.

See everything as being good for you.

Find freedom in adversity and you will be truly free.


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See also our book Earth Messages of The Love Energy published in early 2011.

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“11-11-11” – Today’s channelled spiritual message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

First thing this morning (10 November, 2011) Kay channelled the following message, which talks about the spiritual significance of tomorrow, the 11th day of the 11th month of 2011 –  11-11-11.  In recent times there have been many dates of synchronicity, e.g.  9-9-9  – the 9th day of 9th month of 2009, and 10-10-10 last year, etc.

11-11-11 – a day of significance

On the eve of the 11-11-11 , a time of alignment within the universe of Earth’s existence. A day of significance within the universe. Many days of alignment have been happening – over recent times, have been the most.

This eve day, of the event of significance, will be the most important.  It is the day of the One – the Oneness of All. It will lead on to the next significant time in the 2012 year that is spoken about so often in your circles today. But tomorrow is a great day for the Universe.


I have also included a few of Kay’s recent messages, which are relevant to today’s message.


The implementation of the co-operation of the consciousness of humankind is allowing the infill of new energy into the beings that are awakened, and their structure will change for the positive.

They will be able to contain the energy and allow it to flow to others. It is a great time for the Earth when this happens.

With love I leave you.



I come tonight to talk about change.  There are always changes going on in your world.  And in your daily life you accept them.  Perhaps with protest sometimes but life carries on.

Change in your physical bodies at this time is awakening the essence of your being.  This change is bringing about a wonderful awareness of who you are. Let it happen.

Let this growth happen so you will be ready to greet the coming days, as we all help you as you head to 2012.  This is a significant time for Earth.  The significance is in the growth of its inhabitants.


Wave of Energy

The wave of energy that is enveloping Earth is progressing at the right level and the crescendo of the love will take it further.  It will raise it on its next journey and this is what we ask that you help with.


Currency of Love

Be reassured that human beings that walk your Earth have been on many journeys before, each journey changing the level of their energy vibration. Human beings who are upon the Earth have all moved forward and exist in their achieved level of vibration.

Achievement of task in each incarnation may or may not occur, their life review on returning to spirit will decide this and set the scene for the next incarnation. So you can see that it is the Life Review that will prescribe the next learning.

All on Earth now want Earth to take its place in the universe. It may not seem like that to you but all have a part to play, with each opposing action forming new definitive direction in the awakened.

Angels walk the Earth now in human form for they have accepted the call to help Earth at this very special time in Earth’s development, reshaping, and its vibrational standing within the universe. There are also human beings that have progressed their vibrational level who are assisting Earth.

There are many channels upon the Earth that are helping with the awakening of the most necessary currency for Earth – Love. There is rejoicing in the heavenly realms as the awakening times are happening and continuing allowing a time of greatness for Earth.

The currency of Love provides abundance for all.


The above messages will be amongst those included in our forthcoming book “Love is the Key”.

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