“The Creator’s breeze” – channelled spiritual verse from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

Kay wrote this spiritual poem on 12 January 2012. As Kay has never written any sort of verse before she believes this writing is being channelled from her guides.

The Creator’s breeze

The trees stir in graceful movement from the Creator’s breeze,
Awakening sounds of nature to float in the air with ease,
Gentle is the voice that calls for you to hear and heed,
So listen, for the sounds that float in the air with ease.

The trees stir in graceful movement from the Creator’s breeze,
Manifesting visions of unity to be seen with ease,
Beautiful is the sight shown for you to see and heed,
So watch for visions of unity that can be seen with ease.

The trees stir in graceful movement from the Creator’s breeze,
Yielding an abundant bounty to be enjoyed with ease,
Luscious is this nourishment for you to have and heed,
So take nurture from the bounty that can be had with ease.

The trees stir in graceful movement from the Creator’s breeze,
Showing, that when harmony exists, there is ease,
Empowering your being with all that you need,
Your tree of life stirs, empowered, ready to reign and please.


This verse will be included in our new book which we have decided to call “Love Is The Key”, and which we hope to publish in February 2012.

See also our book Earth Messages of The Love Energy published in early 2011.

Copyright © 2012 Kay Meade and Peter Ashley

“The New Energy & Living Consciously” – channelled messages from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

On 15th and 16th November 2011 Kay channelled the following messages, which follow on from the earlier messages about 11-11-11.

The new energy

The Light upon the Earth at this time is magnificent.  It has aligned with all of the universe and all is well on Earth.

Take in the New Energy.  It is there in abundance for you.  It will help you move to another level in your development and in the development of Earth.

Take on the Energy!


Live your lives consciously

Live your lives consciously.  Consciously live your lives.  Awakened ones know of the spirit.  They know to work with it.  But we encourage all to work with spirit and to quieten the mind.  The mind is not to take over the spirit.  The spirit has all.

The spirit is what is needed and together the spirit and mind – second is the mind – you will live your lives consciously, bringing unto yourselves everything that you desire that is for the good of the Whole.  For all are part of the Whole, and it is important that now that this new energy is upon the Earth, that this inflow continues into the beingness of humankind.

Help all to know that they are of one spirit, everyone united, one consciousness.

Please help the heavens more.  It is not over.  There is rejoicing in the heavens and there is rejoicing in the universe, but it is necessary to continue with the flow of the Love.  This is so important – to keep the energy flowing.  Let the wave continue and build so that all are ready as the months approach to 2012.

Please continue.  Please help us.

(Peter: How can we help you more?)

It is important not to stop, not to think that all has been achieved.  We do appreciate what has happened, but it needs to continue.

The Light is upon you and all on Earth.

In love we go.

In love all will be known.


We believe that this request to continue helping is addressed to all Lightworkers who are helping Mother Earth and humanity move to a world based on love.

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