“BenJoseph” – channelled spiritual message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

Kay channelled the following message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy early in 2011.


When BenJoseph (son of Joseph) walked the Earth, times were very dark, no sparks of Light were very apparent.

There were groups set up to be there for his arrival and he walked his path learning and trusting, and this is what is asked of all who walk the Earth.

He had the same frailties, but his faith and his trust were foremost in his life. Each individual who enters Earth’s realm needs to find the faith and the trust, just like he did.

The seeds were planted in his time and they still grow in those who are awakened to the Light. Those who are awakened need now to spread out and let their learning and their faith and their trust be ever so foremost in their daily lives.

The continuation of the evolution of the spirit is at a juncture and it is on the rising.


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Spirit Guides – Drawing of Kay’s spirit guide and information about spirit guides

We would like to share with you some things about spirit guides, which we all have. A few months ago Kay arranged for a psychic artist to draw one of her spirit guides. This is a bit more complicated than normal as Kay is in touch with several spirit guides, who are all members of the “Circle of The Light of The Love Energy”.

Spirit Guide Drawing

This spirit guide picture was drawn by psychic artist Rachel Auton. Rachel also does a psychic reading for her client when doing the drawing. Here is an excerpt from Rachel’s reading for Kay, which explains the process used.

“Normally I would just tune in to a person’s energy (by looking at a photograph that clients are asked to supply) and ask a guide to step forward, but in your case I held onto your book (Earth Messages of the Love Energy) and asked ‘The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy’ to present themselves. What I saw was blinding light of golden yellow/white and what appeared to be stars. I feel this collective consciousness difficult to draw as a human interpretation, so I waited and then a spokesperson stepped forward and that was Mary, Queen of the Angels otherwise known as Mother Mary.”

Rachel ran a meditation group that Kay had attended four years ago. During this time Kay started to see the features of a man, just the nose and eyes. Then Rachel moved to Australia and we lost contact. When Kay joined another meditation group, gradually the whole face appeared along with a further two guides, one male and one female.

Recently Kay found Rachel’s website and regained contact. Kay arranged for Rachel to draw one of her spirit guides and this picture is the result. Mary’s face with the veil over the hair, is exactly what Kay has been seeing through her third eye. Rachel had no knowledge of Kay’s guides before doing the drawing.

For further information about Rachel Auton, energy worker, teacher and psychic artist go to her website Lotus Lifestyle. Rachel’s website contains a fascinating picture gallery of many of the spirit guide pictures she has drawn.

What are spirit guides?

We are a spirit temporarily inhabiting a physical body. Most of us have been here on Earth in many previous lives. The purpose of us coming here to the physical plane is to learn many lessons, which will contribute to our spirit’s ongoing spiritual development.

Each time we incarnate on Earth we are assisted by a number of invisible spirit helpers of the Light. We each have a main guide who is with us for life and likely was our main guide in some of our previous lives.

The main guide’s task is to assist the individual to accomplish their life’s work or purpose. There are also a number of other spirit guides who are there from time to time to help us with particular things. The main guide also acts as a gatekeeper so that only other appropriate spirit helpers may be given access.

Guides generally cannot do anything to help us unless we ask for their help. They only provide positive guidance.  We have free will and they are not allowed to do anything that would control us.


These messages are channelled by Kay Meade, a New Zealand-based trance medium, from a group of beings in the higher spiritual realms who call themselves ‘The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy’. They say they wish to spread and increase the energy of love on Earth.

The several different spiritual guides that Kay channels have distinct voices, personalities and mannerisms, but all are saddened at how we treat each other and the Earth. They say their help and love would be freely given, if only we would ask. They see these messages as a catalyst for change, helping the transition to a world based on love.


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