“Love energy heals” – channelled spiritual message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

This message is from our soon to be published book ‘Love is the Key‘.

Love energy heals

Love energy will heal at the very core of the being. This is where all healing needs to take place. The soul, spirit, essence will be loved and therefore nourished, become fertile and will be free to soar, it will be strengthened and know its purpose once again.

This allows you to show the love in your heart and transform not only yourself, but all who come in contact with you.

Show your Light and the love within your being as this will change your perspective on all aspects of your life. Let it be seen by others.

We, The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy – The God Force Energy – remind you that love is the purest energy form. Let us heal the spirit, soul, essence and allow Earth to enter another higher dimension.


Copyright © 2012 Kay Meade and Peter Ashley

“Your Heavenly Family” – channelled message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

One of the earliest messages that Kay channelled in 2009.  It is in our book ‘Earth Messages of the Love Energy’.

Your Heavenly Family

Every person living on Earth is born into a family. Collectively all have a part to play. Individually a part to play – although when of age and therefore can fend for oneself – should never think on your own as there is a collective consciousness – another family – you are part of a heavenly family.

Make a conscious decision to link to your heavenly family. Then work together – that is how everything is achieved.

The collective consciousness – it is when you remember to be part of the Whole. You have a family and it is not just here on Earth. It is all around you, it is within you.

When all allow their feelings to be from their highest self and therefore be from their essence, they will ignite and unite with the higher consciousness. The more people who know that their being is more than flesh and bone, the more people that awaken their spirit, soul, essence, the more who can connect into the greater consciousness, then more Light can be radiated from the heavens to the Earth.

Illumination is what is needed and this comes from the energy of The Circle of The Light.


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