“Absorb the New Energy” – Today’s channelled spiritual message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

Kay channelled the following message at the weekly meditation group that we host in our home.

Absorb the new energy

Let the Light be the governance of your life and let the Light lead you into receiving the New Energy that is upon the Earth.

This energy is so special and it will give you the ability to move dimensionally. And it is a gradual process.  You need to have time to receive it. So make as much time available to sit in the peace and receive.

It is here for you. Please make time.  Please receive.


See the earlier messages about New Energy and 11-11-11.

In March this year we started running a weekly meditation group (or ‘circle’), in response to a message that Kay channelled in January.  I am including this message as an example of the dialog that we have had with members of The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy.  It has often been a two-way conversation, not just them giving us messages.

More is to be given. Continue by being with others so that we can reach you more easily. Energy builds from like-minded people.  People on the same discovery of Light.

We do have more to say but raise the energy for us. We wish to communicate with more people, with an audience.  We wish to be seen at work, in action and we feel that the time is right for this.

Peter said “Thank you my friend. We intend to join the circle again that we had attended before”.

Yes, mm, you could always have your own group starting with a few known and extend. Most important to be seen at work.

Peter said “We had been thinking of starting our own group here with one or two others”.

Yes, mm, good, good!

Plan, plan and action!


Check out our book Earth Messages of The Love Energy which contains messages that Kay channelled from the The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy between July 2009 and the end of 2010.

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