“Currency of Love” – channelled message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

Currency of LoveIndian Chief

Be reassured that human beings that walk your Earth have been on many journeys before, each journey changing the level of their energy vibration. Human beings who are upon the Earth have all moved forward and exist in their achieved level of vibration.

Achievement of task in each incarnation may or may not occur, their life review on returning to spirit will decide this and set the scene for the next incarnation. So you can see that it is the Life Review that will prescribe the next learning.

All on Earth now want Earth to take its place in the universe. It may not seem like that to you, but all have a part to play – with each opposing action forming new definitive direction in the awakened.

Angels walk the Earth now in human form. For they have accepted the call to help Earth at this very special time in Earth’s development, its reshaping, and with its vibrational standing within the universe. There are also human beings that have progressed their vibrational level who are assisting Earth.

There are many channels upon the Earth that are helping with the awakening of the most necessary currency for Earth – Love. There is rejoicing in the heavenly realms as the awakening times are happening and continuing, allowing a time of greatness for Earth.

The currency of love provides abundance for all.

Thanks to Rachel Auton for permission to use this beautiful spirit guide drawing.


Channelled by Kay Meade.    LOVE TO ALL!!

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