“The Great Magnificence” – channelled message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

Kay channelled this message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy in December 2010.

The Great Magnificence

We see the love starting to flow. Small steps are being made and this is what will contribute to the whole.

Expansion of the Light will continue with the many that are already accepting of the words. The words of love, the words of Light. All of the kindness and understanding that brings the harmony is what we are seeing and we are so pleased.

Earth is moving forward, Earth is making progress, all people who help with this progress will feel the love shining in and through them, through their very being. This is such a wonderful step for mankind, humankind and the Earth.

There are great things that will start to flourish as the veil allows more to flow from spirit to spirit.

Allow the time of the Great Magnificence to be upon the Earth.


This message is included in our  book ‘Love is the Key’ which is available as follows.


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See also our book Earth Messages of The Love Energy 

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