An early message – channelled message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

This is one of the earliest messages that Kay channelled from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy when they were first asking us to spread the messages channelled from them through Kay. It was received in 2009 and I am including it as background to the messages that have been received since.

An early message

All messages received are genuine, full of importance, and we ask that their meaning is expressed as given. Genuine in every way – they are. Much trust is needed now to expand the circulation of all information. No more doubting of the whereabouts of the information.

Rest assured the words are from us – carry genuine codes of what is needed now. Some will read and not understand. Some will listen and not hear. But those who register will gain and benefit and share and expand and that is what we ask. Those who are ready are who we want to reach.

Everyone on Earth is at a different level of understanding of the concept of the future of Earth, of their own spirit; all can be given the opportunity to see and hear, but not all will be ready.

The messages are authentic and come from a special source of pure white light energy and needs to touch those who are ready. Messages are given in many ways – simplicity being important in presentation.

Present as given! All need to be given the opportunity and we want all to be given the opportunity and then the choice is theirs to investigate further or ignore. It is a choice – so spread the information widely.


The above message is included in our first book Earth Messages of the Love Energy.

Channelled by Kay Meade.  LOV E TO ALL!!

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