A selection of short messages – channelled from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

This post contains a selection of shorter messages that Kay has channelled from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy.


Heaven helps those that ask. We always are there when you ask. Live every day knowing we are with you when you ask.


Universal Energy

Draw on the Universal Energy – the source of All. Call on this cosmic power to help.



Blend; blend the inner life and the outward and come together as one – the spirit unite. The outward daily life has a purpose, as it will reveal the inner spirit.


Separate yourself not

Separate yourself not from the spirit – you are one. The power of the spirit is available to you, so work with the spirit to achieve your aims.



Justice will come from displaying and living from the heart.

The messages that Key channels frequently ask that all thoughts, actions and deeds be from the heart – from only love.  If everyone were to do this there would be no crime or warand there would indeed be justice for all.


Be all that you are

Seek only to be all that you are. Only all that you are – there is nothing else to be.


These and many other messages are in our first book  Earth Messages of the Love Energy.

Channelled by Kay Meade.  LOVE TO ALL!!

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