“Your Energy / You Live Dimensionally” – channelled spiritual message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

Channelled by Kay Meade at our weekly meditation group:-

‘Your Energy’

I stand forward and bring through the energy of love. You know this energy. This is the energy from which you come. Your energy still dwells from where you came and we know it very well.

Your energy within your human form is beautiful and rich and has everything that you need to help you on your way, to help you to Light the path for all that you come in contact with. The beam of Light that is with each of you is a collective Light and it joins you all together. It is the Light of Love.

Let this be what you will be on Earth. Let the people you come in contact with know you as we do. You have the most beautiful energy, so please release it. Please show it and let that beam from Earth return to the heavens above where we dwell and where you have dwelt with us and you are still with us. Never forget it.

‘You Live Dimensionally’

You live dimensionally. This is for some a new concept. So to those we impart this information.

Your energy is in your human form and we have said it is with us too. So if you can accept this, then stretch a little more.

If you can accept that, then consider please that it is also possible, for your energy to be in other parts of the universe experiencing other existences too. These run parallel. A multiplicity of your energy exists.

Remember your energy is divine, it is within you and without – so is in everything that is.

In your quieter times you may have awareness of what exists without. This awareness will stretch you to explore further in your human existence, providing expansion that benefits the Whole.


Channelled by Kay Meade. LOVE TO ALL!!

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