“Feedback from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy” – channelled spiritual message

We published the first book of Kay’s channelled messages called Earth Messages of The Love Energy early in 2011. In December 2010, when we had a completed draft of the book cover design and wording, Kay channelled the following message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy.

Feedback from The Circle of The Light

We are greatly pleased with the presentation and depiction of the words in the cover of ‘our’ book.

It is very rewarding for us to see that the task that has been given to you has been taken seriously and is manifesting in this form. Our words can now reach all those who seek. The sincerity of task is seen by all in The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy.

This our gift to all Earth beings will give guidance, allowing all who read this gift such an opportunity of fulfilment. This is the beginning, this is where the expansion begins and then the golden rain will give nourishment and Light. The golden rain will form a network that will connect Earth to heaven. It is like a web, all parts connect.

Kay broke from channelling the message to explain. “I see all the golden filaments going longitudinally and latitudinally around Earth, creating an outer frame that surrounds the Earth. It is away from the Earth, it is sort of like a protective layer, it is set out from the Earth and it goes all around it and that way as well.” While talking Kay used hand gestures to illustrate. She then continued channelling.

And that is what is going to happen when all work from the heart base. They are making connection with the heavens above and they are forming a shield of love around the Earth. This will be a protective barrier between negative energies and this needs to be in place – this barrier – for the preparation of the time of the Great Magnificence – Earth needs to be at one with the energies of love.


This message is from our second book ‘Love is The Key’.

Follow this link for more information about the books we have published containing messages channelled from ‘The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy’ by Kay Meade.


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