“Honour Your Blueprint” – channelled spiritual message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

‘Honour Your Blueprint’ – Early one quiet morning in 2010, a few months after Kay started to channel messages from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy, she was wondered how she should best progress with this work that was still very new and challenging to her. She meditated and asked her spirit guides for advice and this is what they said to her:

Divine is the time
Prepared you are
Listen to your inner knowledge
Connect with your Higher Self
Give of yourself, surrender yourself to the Highest
Allow all that is given to you to be shared with all
Increase the positive
Give Hope
Give Love
Spread The Light
Your journey has started
Your path before you is prepared
Step out with love, faith, confidence and in the knowledge that we will be with you lighting your way
Honour your Blueprint.
The time, remember, is Divine.

Kay pondered on this for a while and then asked how she was best to honour her blueprint. Her guides replied:

By accepting who you are
By listening to your knowingness
By trusting your knowingness
By connecting with your highest self
By believing in the connectedness of All
By being Love
By acting upon the given gifts you have
By helping the All
By respecting yourself
By sharing what you are given from the heavens
By ‘working’ with ‘us’ – expand this area of ‘work’
By being true to yourself – that is to your ‘Higher Self’.

We hope this helps you with your spiritual development.


Channelled by Kay Meade.   LOVE TO ALL!!

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