Messages that refer to Jesus – channelled from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

Kay has channelled several messages from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy which talk about Jesus.


When BenJoseph (son of Joseph) walked the Earth, times were very dark, no sparks of Light were very apparent.

There were groups set up to be there for his arrival and he walked his path learning and trusting, and this is what is asked of all who walk the Earth.

He had the same frailties, but his faith and his trust were foremost in his life. Each individual who enters Earth’s realm needs to find the faith and the trust, just like he did.

The seeds were planted in his time and they still grow in those who are awakened to the Light. Those who are awakened need now to spread out and let their learning and their faith and their trust be ever so foremost in their daily lives.

The continuation of the evolution of the spirit is at a juncture and it is on the rising.


The Gift

Upon the Earth he came and walked

He played, he learnt, and then about love he taught

He revered his Father and his given task in faith sought

He gave of himself so love would be in all who on the Earth walked

So special is the gift he gave, when accepted will welcome in a new age

Accept, accept and bring to be the love in thee and all that be.


2010 Christmas message

Thank you for asking me to talk to you about Christmas, this time of celebration that you join together and remember the birth of Jesus. This is what needs to be celebrated.

He gave to you the opportunity for expansion of your souls, your spirit, your essence. He asked of you kindness, love; awareness of all that you can be and all that is.

The universe is expansive and this part that you are of is just miniscule, but it is a part of the Whole and you are part of the Whole. This is what you need to realise, because the Whole is expansive, encompassing of all and the Light radiates and shines in all.

Christmas should be a time of remembering what was given for you and for all. It is the purest of times represented by the birth of the new, the baby Jesus.

When you gather with your many friends, your family, remember the giving that happened in the beginning – the giving of life, the beginning of new opportunities. Please honour and value what’s been given to you when you celebrate Christmas this year.

I ask you to be giving of yourself. Love yourself, love everyone this Christmas. Expand the spirit, let its true love be given. The true spirit of Christmas. The giving and loving – oh please give, please love.

Expand all the time! Oh please expand, please love, please give of yourself this Christmas. Remember the one who gave to you. Please love the spirit within. Please love the spirit without.

Oh thank you so much for the opportunity to give you this love at Christmas.


 2011 Christmas message

Christmas is about to be celebrated this year
With family and friends that you hold dear
But is the purpose of this celebration clear
Or is it seen only as a way to gain more gear?
Foster the meaning true this Christmas time of year
The remembrance of the baby Jesus dear
The gift of love given for all to know and share
So that humanity would no longer need to fear.
You see Christmas is a ‘Giving’ time of year
And a time for all to be full of joy and cheer
For the love and hope given that first Christmas time year
So celebrate this gift so unique and rare.
Spare no cost this Christmas time of year
Give the most precious, priceless gifts you have to share
The gifts of Love and Hope to those you hold dear
For these are real treasures to be enjoyed in every year.


Love energy channellers

Channellers of Love Energy are being activated and being guided to take up their task on Earth. The time is aligned now to the source energy so the spreading of this energy through various healing and teaching practices can now prevail more easily.

All those carrying this encoded energy are venturing upon the task they agreed to many lifetimes ago, and have returned to Earth to ensure the anchoring and expansion of the Love Energy that was seeded in the time of Christ on Earth.

All channellers are being asked to keep communicating with the spirit within and the spirit without and to be open to what is being asked of them. It is time to trust in inner knowingness, bringing the spirit without and the spirit within together in oneness to ensure achievement of task.

Many are awakening to their need to find another way to fill their half full cup – the realisation that there is more to their humaness that needs nurturing and developing. They are seeking the Love Energy Channellers – be ready to help.


Channelled by Kay Meade.     LOVE TO ALL!!

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