Kay Meade – Trance Medium

Hello, my name is Kay. I live with my husband Peter on the sunny Kapiti Coast in New Zealand. We are both Reiki Masters and Teachers.

A long time ago I must have accepted a ‘mission’ to be a channel for a Group Energy called the Circle of the Light of The Love Energy. I wish I could have remembered though because in 2009 when I started to channel it came as quite a surprise! We try our best to circulate their messages as they have frequently asked me to do.

I love to meditate and I know many do – so I have written three guided meditations each with a spiritual message, I have channelled, wrapped in a creative meditative story. Rachel Dickinson a Reiki friend has set all the meditations to beautiful music. I do hope you take the time to listen and enjoy my CD “Messages in the Meditations” – see https://kaymeade.hearnow.com/ for further details.

Peter has created a Facebook group “Spirit Messages For Humankind” https://www.facebook.com/groups/SpiritMessagesForHumankind and posts the messages I receive there so you might like to have a look at these too?

Currently I am working on an illustrated children’s storybook as another way to spread the message of LOVE, which is a consistent, and persistent theme of the messages I receive.

Please help us to raise the energy of love on Earth.

Thank you for reading. Your feedback is welcome.

Love and Light to All

Kay Meade


Copyright © 2017 Kay Meade and Peter Ashley

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