Messages from Kay’s spirit guide Mary – channelled messages from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

Kay channelled these message from her softly spoken spirit guide ‘Mary’. Mary is a member of The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy from where all of Kay’s messages originate.

All life is precious

All life is really precious. All life needs nurturing.

Help all you can to give all that is needed to comfort, to nurture, to open the heart to all of the possibilities that are there for the taking.

All life has a purpose. All life needs to be loved.

Engage with as many as you can – so that all know what is central to their being.


Ask for love

There is so much love waiting to be given to the Earth at this time. We need the Earth.

We need the people on the Earth to ask for this love to be released – to be given.

We see the need. We give when we are asked.

Please ask. We wait to share the love.


What you are meant to have

With every step you take, let your love flow from you to all who you come in contact with. With your hands spread love and with your voice give thanks and love.

Let your eyes see in every situation the good there is on your Earth.

When you look at things like that you will be able to see that what has been created for you provides everything you need.

When you eliminate from your plane the negativity that is so harmful, you will have what you are meant to have.


Message for lightworkers

Oh precious ones who have lit the Light within the heart of the human form. We thank you.

In this special time please send your love to all that you meet. Your energies will uplift many and the guidance that you have now within will help Earth.

You are dear ones. All are dear ones to the realms of the Light. Please remember – do not forsake the Light.


From love to love

It is in love that you come (to Earth).

From love you come, to love you will return. If you can return as love, then complete you will be.

The time you spend upon the Earth is a time for you to grow. It is a time for you to be who you truly are, the Light within you.

This is a task you are all given. It is a task we urge you to complete. Be Light and Love on the Earth.

Be compassionate to all that you see, and all that you know, and let your essence be.

So when it is time to return to love, you will love be.


These messages are channelled by Kay Meade, a New Zealand-based trance medium, from a group of beings in the higher spiritual realms who call themselves ‘The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy’. They say they wish to spread and increase the energy of love on Earth.

The several different spiritual guides that Kay channels have distinct voices, personalities and mannerisms, but all are saddened at how we treat each other and the Earth. They say their help and love would be freely given, if only we would ask. They see these messages as a catalyst for change, helping the transition to a world based on love.


Feel free to share or reblog our messages.


Copyright © 2016 Kay Meade and Peter Ashley

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  1. Hi Kay and Peter
    Thank you for continuing to spread the messages of Love to us.
    I don’t know whether or not you remember me but you kindly came to visit me at the hotel we were staying at when we were visiting New Zealand and gave me a gift of your books.
    I have been busy setting up a new healing organisation, ‘Omnes Healing’, with some colleagues and have been concentrating on that more at the moment, rather then the channelling. When the setting up work is done I hope to re-start the channeling more frequently.
    I always look forward to receiving the messages from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy.
    Thank you.
    With love and blessings

    • Hello Sue, Good to hear from you. Of course we remember you. We wish you all the success for your new healing organisation. We still have our weekly mediation group and I teach reiki to 15 or so people a year. So we keep busy. You may have heard of the recent earth quakes here. We are not badly affected where we live, but it has been a bit worrying especially as the scientists expect another large earthquake in the next few weeks. We have all been preparing our emergency food, water etc just in case. Best wishes, Peter and Kay


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