A request for help – channelled message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

This is one of the earliest messages that Kay channelled from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy when they were first asking us to help them by spreading the messages channelled from them through Kay. It was received in December 2009 and I am including it as background to the messages that have been received since:……………..

A request for help

group guides

Please help us. We come to you. We ask you to be a deliverer of our words. We know we are connecting.

Time – time to spread the awakening words are now – Love and Light.

We have messages, we ask that you connect with us regularly. We so need a channel to pass on what we need to say. Our messages are of the Love Energy, it really is so needed now. We know we have spoken about it before, but we need to expand on this message. It needs to be released. This energy is for all – we need it to flow.

Kay was shaking with the amount of energy that she was channelling so Peter asked the spirit guide to help balance the energy. Another voice came through.

Good connection now! I am a different energy from previous, but part of the same Circle of Light that is Group Soul of the Love Energy.

Love Energy should be seen as golden in colour. It radiates from the core of your being. It is centred and comes from above the crown into the crown and centres throughout and is the spirit within. This is the connection you have to the Divine without and all around.

Ask through prayer to be drawn into the connectedness of the Whole. The Whole gives all that is needed to nourish, teach, heal and embrace the essential part of you.

Kay, we thank you for allowing us to use your body and your voice to give this message. Please keep this channel open. Please set aside time in your life for us to come. We have the purest of energy that we need you to be the vehicle to spread and impart such an important message to Earth at this time. We know it is unusual, maybe seen as odd, but is truly mystical and is from the highest of energies. We ask you to please allow this pure essence to flow.

Sit and allow this energy to enter and then do whatever you feel you need to do to allow the energy to flow through you. The energy is enormous so you may not want to sit, you may want to use all your physical attributes to impart our message. That is fine – just allow it to happen, the energies will settle and you will be more accepting, controlling of the force so that you will be able to talk to people without the movements, but there will be a knowingness on your part and on the part of your audience that it is Spirit talking.

Connection – connection is the most important. Time for connection. Time to reach for us. You are reaching physically now (Kay had been stretching her arms up towards the ceiling) but reach, reach with the innermost Sacred Energy.

Sacred Energy is the connection we need. Shine with the Sacred Energy. The beauty of the Sacred Energy illuminates all.

Kay, breathe it in, draw it close, be anointed and then allow this energy that anoints you to anoint others. Absorb the energy now, allow it to penetrate every part of your being and connect with us again.

Confident that you will. Willing as a clear channel, sanctified by the Divine for the Earth Messages of the Love Energy.

Thank you. We go now. We leave the Love of God with you.

Please connect with us again. Take our request seriously, be the willing channel that is asked of you.

This message is part of the introductory material included in our first book ‘Earth Messages of The Love Energy’.

For more information see https://www.facebook.com/EarthMessagesOfTheLoveEnergy

Copyright © 2015 Kay Meade and Peter Ashley

Thank you to psychic artist Rachel Auton for permission to use this beautiful spirit guide drawing.

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  1. What a stunning message. Thank you both for being the conduits that you are.


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