“Love Mother Earth” – channelled spiritual message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

This message was channelled by Kay Meade in 2011.

Love Mother Earth

Love is the most important of human emotions. It is what is raising the amount of Light in humankind on Earth, allowing Light to shine from Earth for the first time.

This time is being called by many – the age of ascension. This energy of Light will continue to increase as more become awakened to the Light. Those who are already shining brightly will achieve this energy increase. It is heart-warming to see this awakening age unfold.

We encourage you to expand this awareness of love to your mother, Earth. Earth and humankind live in atmospheric conditions that provide all requirements. It is a union of existence so it is necessary for all to be in harmony with each other. Mother Earth is your provider, and you are her carers.

Earth lives in a universe of gaseous elements that provide her needs and yours. When the atmospheric balance is altered in any way, Earth has to make adjustments to maintain position within its universe of existence.

Many, many changes have been made by Earth, but only so much adaptation can be made.

Humankind needs to realise it needs to take on the role of ‘carer’ with seriousness to allow Earth to exist. Give back, nourish, consider, understand, be in harmony and love Earth to ensure its continuance. Remember to keep loving each other and love Mother Earth.

Copyright © 2013 Kay Meade and Peter Ashley

These messages are from the the book ‘Love is the Key’. see Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheKeyisLove

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