Earth Messages of The Love Energy by Kay Meade and Peter Ashley

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loveenergyearthmessagesEarth Messages of The Love Energy: Channeled Messages of Love and Guidance by Kay Meade and Peter Ashley is a short read with a message throughout about spreading love energy to the world. The messages in this book are channeled from beings who call themselves, “The Circle of the Light of The Love Energy.”

Each of the messages is filled with a wisdom that is needed in the current time of this world. One of my favorite messages in this book is entitled, “Make a difference”. In this message from The Circle of the Light of Love Energy we are encouraged to all use our unique gifts to help make a difference and spread love throughout the world. This book also reminds us to recognize God that is within us and within all people. It tells us that by living from a place of love we can engender more love…

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