“State of harmonious being” – audio recording of channelled message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

Kay channelled this message in September, 2012 during a meeting of our meditation group.

Bear in mind that it is a live recording and please excuse the deficiencies in sound quality.

‘State of harmonious being’ – audio recording

Please click the arrow to hear the message (about 2 minutes long).


As a trance medium, Kay does not remember what she has said during channelling. Sometimes she will be able to recall the last few words she has spoken.


English is by no means the first language of the members of The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy, so the grammar is sometimes imperfect and some words are used in an unusual way. Also sometimes they have difficulty finding the right word and need to search for it – as happened in this message.


Feel free to share or reblog our messages.


Copyright © 2013 Kay Meade and Peter Ashley

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