“Shield of Protection” – channelled message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

Kay channelled this message  during a session of our meditation group on 20 November 2012.

Shield of Protection

The Light from Earth shines beautifully at this time as the energy raises and the goldenFinal Symbol 9999999999 thread of light within connects to the heavens and the shield of love that embraces the Earth is just a wonder for you to see. It is amazing!

What achievement has been gained.  There is in place the shield of protection for Earth. We asked for this a long time ago at the beginning of many channellings that we have given.

It is in place.  Oh thank you.  And you – all of you, all of humankind should be so satisfied that this task has been completed at this time of ascension.

So you are ready!  You are ready!


Copyright © 2012 Kay Meade and Peter Ashley

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  1. Thank you Alethea for your kind comment. And thank you for liking so many of the posts here and on our Facebook page.
    Love and Light


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