“Awakened Ones” – channelled message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

Kay channelled this message yesterday – 22 June 2012 –  from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy.

Awakened Ones

Awakened ones who answered the call and are operating from the centre of their being are absorbing the new energy that arrived on your plane on the day of alignment.

You are now holders of more light energy and as you assimilate with what you now hold the nearer to the Creator you be – crystalline beings steeped in Love and Light with heightened sensory perception and the awareness and ability to know the dimensionality of existence.

We thank those that have harkened to our call.


I have included some earlier related messages………

11-11-11 – a day of significance

On the eve of the 11-11-11 , a time of alignment within the universe of Earth’s existence. A day of significance within the universe. Many days of alignment have been happening – over recent times, have been the most.

This eve day, of the event of significance, will be the most important.  It is the day of the One – the Oneness of All. It will lead on to the next significant time in the 2012 year that is spoken about so often in your circles today. But tomorrow is a great day for the Universe.



The implementation of the co-operation of the consciousness of humankind is allowing the infill of new energy into the beings that are awakened, and their structure will change for the positive.

They will be able to contain the energy and allow it to flow to others. It is a great time for the Earth when this happens.


Absorb the new energy

Let the Light be the governance of your life and let the Light lead you into receiving the New Energy that is upon the Earth.

This energy is so special and it will give you the ability to move dimensionally. And it is a gradual process.  You need to have time to receive it. So make as much time available to sit in the peace and receive.

It is here for you. Please make time.  Please receive.



We hear you ask what is happening today?

Well the universe aligns this day,
To the energies from far away,
Ensuring Earth a passageway,
Within the White Light Ray.

Celebrate this wonderful day,
Earth now rides the love energy sway,
And the universe welcomes it to stay,
Within the White Light Ray.

All elements unite this day,
Earth, humankind and the heavens say,
Earth comes of age this day,
At one with the White Light Ray.



I come tonight to talk about change.  There are always changes going on in your world.  And in your daily life you accept them.  Perhaps with protest sometimes but life carries on.

Change in your physical bodies at this time is awakening the essence of your being.  This change is bringing about a wonderful awareness of who you are. Let it happen.

Let this growth happen so you will be ready to greet the coming days, as we all help you as you head to 2012.  This is a significant time for Earth.  The significance is in the growth of its inhabitants.


Copyright © 2012 Kay Meade and Peter Ashley

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  1. I’m finding myself very drawn to (affected by?) the messages – here and in other places – that we are supported as we move this energy forward. It’s an agreement that seems to require more courage than I might have expected, and I’m grateful for the reminders that when I signed the agreement, all the heavens conspired to move with me. Thanks for being part of those reminders and support.


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