“Abundance” – channelled message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

Kay channelled this message in September 2010 from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy.


Within each human being upon Earth, abundance dwells. It is in the form of love.

Love abides with you. It is God given. It is the inner spirit, soul, essence – is connected to the spirit without and provides all that is needed.

Abundance is with you all. It will be realised when the spirit within is nurtured and through the searching that you are doing now, you are nurturing the spirit. So abundance will flourish for you in every possible way.

Continue with your search; with the nourishment of the soul and you will know who you are and the rewards, by way of your God-given gifts being realised, will be before you.


This message is in our first book  Earth Messages of the Love Energy.

Copyright © 2012 Kay Meade and Peter Ashley

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