Paperback version of our new book ‘Love is the Key’ is now available

The printed paperback version of our new book ‘Love is the Key’ is now available from CreateSpace an company.  Click this link for details or to order.

Love is the Key

Have you ever wondered why you are here and what you are supposed to be doing?

We have published this book to bring you channelled messages from a group of spiritual beings that call themselves “The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy”.

We feel that what they have to say will help you understand the answers to those questions. We believe the messages are full of encouragement. They guide and challenge us to discover our real selves.

The overall message is that the key to our progression on Earth is love. We need to love ourselves.  This will help us love others, thereby achieving our purpose.

Some of the messages also give interesting information about the changes now happening to Earth and humanity in 2012.

The Circle of the Light of the Love Energy have even given some messages in the form of poems. We feel sure they will touch a chord with you as well.

We have received much guidance from these messages and we hope you will too.

We live in an enlightening time. Embrace it, and walk in Light and Love.

Love and Light

Kay Meade and Peter Ashley


Copyright © 2012 Kay Meade and Peter Ashley

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