“Energy during meditation” – channelled spiritual message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

Kay channelled the following message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy towards the end of 2011.

Energy during meditation

You are energy. All are energy. All existence is energy.

In meditation you let go of your physical form. The busy mind is quietened. And you allow the pure energy that you are to be present.

So you will see, feel, sense and BE, the magnificent being of Light and love that you truly are.

When you accept and know that you are pure energy you will know the source of all creation is with you and that you are one.

Everyone you know or have ever known is part of your journey and eternally exist as energy.

The physical form is not all that there is.


This message is used as the introduction to the second track called ‘Energy Visualisation’ on our meditation CD. Click the following link to hear Kay speak this message.

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This message is also included in our new book  ”Love Is The Key”, which is now available in Kindle e-book reader format from amazon.com. Click this link for details or to order.  Use the Amazon ‘Look Inside’ feature to view the initial pages of the book, including Kay’s ‘Foreword’ to the book in which she describes how she became a trance medium.

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Copyright © 2012 Kay Meade and Peter Ashley
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