Our new book ‘Love is the Key’ – Kindle e-book now available

The Kindle e-book version of our new book ‘Love is the Key’ is now available from amazon.com.  Click this link for details or to order.  Use the Amazon ‘Look Inside’ feature to view the initial pages of the book, including Kay’s ‘Foreword’ to the book in which she describes how she became a trance medium.

It is not necessary to have a Kindle e-book reader to read this e-book.  There are free reader applications available from amazon.com that allow Kindle e-books to be read on a iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, some Android devices, PC and Apple computers, etc.  More details are available at amazon.com when purchasing a Kindle e-book.

Have you ever wondered why you are here and what you are supposed to be doing?

We have published this book to bring you channelled messages from a group of spiritual beings that call themselves “The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy”. We feel that what they have to say will help you understand the answers to those questions.

We believe the messages are full of encouragement. They guide and challenge us to discover our real selves.  The overall message is that the key to our progression on Earth is love. We need to love ourselves.  This will help us love others, thereby achieving our purpose.

Some of the messages also give interesting information about the changes now happening to Earth and humanity in 2012.

The Circle of the Light of the Love Energy have even given some messages in the form of poems. We feel sure they will touch a chord with you as well.

We have received much guidance from these messages and we hope you will too.

We live in an enlightening time. Embrace it, and walk in Light and Love.

Kay Meade and Peter Ashley

Table of Contents
Title Page
Our Purpose
Foreword by Kay Meade
Feedback from The Circle of The Light
Love and Guidance
– New morning
– Pathway to enlightenment
– Walking your path
– Working with spirit
– Pure energy of love
– Behold the Light
– The God force
– BenJoseph
– Passing over
– The human form is just the coating
– Healing the essence
– Let each discover at their own level
– Love is the key
– Appreciate opportunities
– Place no restrictions on yourself
– Actions to be expressed in love
– Stand in your Light
– What you are meant to have
– bInvestment in the inner self
– Gain tranquility
– Fun is important
– Happiness helps
– Release yourselves
– Freedom
– Let go of what no longer serves you
– In balance
– Tapestry of life
– Meditation
– Energy during meditation
– Energy
– Absorb the energy
– Preciousness of all life
– Light is increasing
– Tree in spring
– Realising your spiritual gifts
Earth changes and transition
– Preparation for transformation
– Towards a more loving community on Earth
– Love energy heals
– The Great Magnificence
– Life on Earth
– World based on love
– Change to be determined by us
– Earth will prevail
– Compassion
– Unite to help Earth
– Gifts of knowledge
– Dimensions changing
– Gravitational pull
– Changes in our universe
– Rejoicing in heaven
– Beam of energy
– We care that you care
– Ascension times and Earth’s atmosphere
– Love Mother Earth
– Currency of love
– Wave of energy
– Golden thread
– Changes in humanity
– Cooperation of consciousness
– 11-11-11 – a day of significance
– Create heaven on Earth
– Take on the new energy
– Live your lives consciously
– Absorb the new energy
– Wings of angels
– Under our care
– A thank you
– Energy that comes through the circle
– Message for lightworkers
– Caretakers of the Light
– Energy of Love
– Beauty
– Offer empathy
– Find the answers within
– Discovery of yourself
– Task of all channels on Earth
– More about the new energy
– From love to love
– Joy in your heart
– Your energy
– You live dimensionally
– Love yourself
– Love yourself – part 2
– The veil continues to thin
– Visit the dimension of the Light
Spiritual poetry
– Present our plan
– Parable of the birds
– When
– Healers unite with the Light
– Morning
– Let me guide you
– Angels of the Light
– Your lodestar
– Time to shine
– I am the spirit within
– 11-11-11 verse
– Reap before you sleep
– 2011 Christmas message
– Love, happiness and peace
– The Creator’s breeze
– The 2012 year
– Crystalise your reality
– The key
Spirit guide drawing
Spirit guides
About the authors
By the same authors


Note: The  paperback version expected to be available from amazon.com in May 2012.

Copyright © 2012 Kay Meade and Peter Ashley

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  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas on spirituality. It bring so much purpose to my life and I love reading other people’s similar experiences.

    • Hi Mollie, Thanks for you nice comments about what we do. We would like to share these spiritual messages with as many people as possible.
      Love and Light
      Kay and Peter


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