Reiki training

“I went to see Peter to learn and receive Reiki and I’m so glad I did. He was extremely professional and did an excellent job taking me on the journey through levels 1 and 2. He made himself available any time for my questions and was a very patient and thorough teacher. I would recommend Peter to anyone interested in learning or receiving Reiki and anyone interested in empowering themselves through spiritual awareness and insight. It has been a very healing and enlightening process for me and I’m now able to pass this on to others. So thank you Peter for your wonderful gift. Kind regards”, Rebecca, New Plymouth

“I was very lucky to be able to complete the Reiki second degree with both Peter and Kay. They are an amazing, friendly couple with many different healing tools and are very knowledgeable in their preferred fields. They are extremely hospitable, professional and warming with a beautiful home in which training sessions and treatments take place. They definitely are of high recommendation to anyone wishing to study or take treatments with what they offer. Bless you both and wish you the best.” Kate, Wellington

Reiki treatments

“Thank you so much for the amazing experience of Reiki”.  Tina, Paraparaumu

“I recommend Kay and Peter for the sincere, caring and professional manner in which they impart their healing. Having received Reiki from Peter on a number of occasions I would sincerely recommend it. I always find I have calmed down and stopped rushing about afterwards – not easy to do in these busy times. I also experience beautiful colours and the thoughts which come to me are often very pertinent to what is happening in my day/life at the time”. Heather, Paraparaumu.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

” I found Peter’s manner and approach very safe, gentle and nurturing.  I was able to relax completely while he guided me through the session with ease. I came out of the hypnotic state feeling deeply relaxed and with some recall of what took place, however it was only later while I was listening to the recording of the session that I was fully able to realise the insights that came through and recognise the relevance that they have on me and my life today “. SuzanneWaikanae, Kapiti Coast

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  1. I love your website, and feel so very close to you both. I wish you Good fortune in path through this life.


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