Reiki Treatments & Training in Paraparaumu, Kapiti Coast, Wellington, NZ

** Peter and Kay are taking a break from Reiki Training and Treatments until mid 2019 **

Peter Ashley and Kay Meade are Reiki Master Teachers who practice and teach the ancient Reiki energy healing method in Paraparaumu, Kapiti Coast near Wellington, New Zealand. We are also close to Paikakariki, Otaki and Waikanae. We offer Reiki training (Usui method) and attunements at beginner and advanced levels.  Enjoy a relaxing and peaceful Reiki treatment or learn to give yourself and others Reiki treatments. We are members of Reiki NZ Inc. This is our peaceful room where we practice Reiki.

Reiki is a very gentle energy based healing method.  The patient lies on a massage table fully clothed and the practitioner lays their hands lightly on the patient in a pattern of hand movements.  The patient may feel heat, cold, pulsing or vibration from the practitioner’s hands and may see colours when their eyes are closed.  The patient will usually feel very relaxed and often sleep during the treatment which usually takes an hour.

Amongst the many reported benefits of Reiki are:
  • Reduction of pain
  • Reduction of stress
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased feeling of wellbeing.

It is often recommended that you learn Reiki so you can treat yourself each day as well.

Further information about Reiki is available on the Reiki NZ Inc. website.

We offer training and attunement at the Reiki First Degree (beginner), Reiki Second Degree, and Reiki Third Degree (Master) levels.  Training is usually on a one-to-one basis.

To arrange a Reiki treatment or training click here to visit our ‘Contact Us’ page.  Details of our services and fees are set out below.


Reiki training

“I went to see Peter to learn and receive Reiki and I’m so glad I did. He was extremely professional and did an excellent job taking me on the journey through levels 1 and 2. He made himself available any time for my questions and was a very patient and thorough teacher. I would recommend Peter to anyone interested in learning or receiving Reiki and anyone interested in empowering themselves through spiritual awareness and insight. It has been a very healing and enlightening process for me and I’m now able to pass this on to others. So thank you Peter for your wonderful gift. Kind regards”, Rebecca, New Plymouth

“I was very lucky to be able to complete the Reiki Second Degree training with both Peter and Kay. They are an amazing, friendly couple with many different healing tools and are very knowledgeable in their preferred fields. They are extremely hospitable, professional and warming with a beautiful home in which training sessions and treatments take place. They definitely are of high recommendation to anyone wishing to study or take treatments with what they offer. Bless you both and wish you the best.” – Kate, Wellington

 Reiki treatments

“Thank you so much for the amazing experience of Reiki”.  Tina, Paraparaumu

“I recommend Kay and Peter for the sincere, caring and professional manner in which they impart their healing. Having received Reiki from Peter on a number of occasions I would sincerely recommend it. I always find I have calmed down and stopped rushing about afterwards – not easy to do in these busy times. I also experience beautiful colours and the thoughts which come to me are often very pertinent to what is happening in my day/life at the time” . Heather, Paraparaumu.

Schedule of Fees

Reiki Treatment (1 hour)                                                                                                $60

All training is usually on one-on-one basis. Student materials and certificate are provided.

Reiki First Degree Training (1 day + later half day practice)                               $180

  • For beginners
  • Reiki First Degree attunement
  • Introduction to Reiki and its history, Reiki Kanji & Reiki Principles
  • Overview of the three Reiki Degrees
  • Chakras, Using Crystals with Reiki, Protection, Spirit Guides, Anatomy overview
  • Basic treatment guidelines, Charging for Reiki treatments
  • Learn Reiki hand positions for treating self and others
  • Practice Reiki sessions
  • Ends with a Reiki session for the student.
  • Certificate, student manual, chakra chart and Reiki Lineage.

Reiki Second Degree Training (1 day + later half day practice)                          $250

  • Reiki Second Degree attunement
  • Review of First Degree topics and experiences
  • Learn the three Reiki Second Degree symbols
  • Distance / Absent Healing
  • Working with your healing guides
  • More on Chakras, The human aura
  • Ethics, Laws that affect practitioners
  • Practice Reiki sessions including distant healing
  • Ends with a Reiki session for the student
  • Certificate, student manual and Reiki Lineage.

Reiki Third Degree Part A Training (1 day)                                                                    $250

(Reiki Master Practitioner )

  • Reiki Third Degree Attunement
  • Review of Second Degree topics and experiences
  • Learn the Reiki Third Degree symbol
  • Ethics, Laws that affect practitioners
  • Practice healing session
  • Ends with a Reiki session for the student
  • Certificate, student manual and Reiki Lineage.

Reiki Master / Teacher                                                On application

(Full Reiki Master/Teacher)

Copyright © 2016 Kay Meade and Peter Ashley
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  1. Hi Murray

    I do the standard Usui Reiki, which is an energy treatment by laying on of the hands. I do not do any kind of massage. Kind regards Peter


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